Pay Per Click

Paid Google Advertising

Point-point new customers. Immediately.

PPC Accuracy


Custom pay per click campaigns built from scratch.


Utilise your previous vistors through retargeting.


Individual item ads displayed for ecommerce platforms.

Google offers a robusts and varied platform for highly targeting campaigns.

Gain valuable insights into the behaviour of your visitors with detailed reporting.

Work within your budget, set accurate bids, daily spends and never overspend.

Show your ads to the demographic of your choice, whether it be local, statewide or global.

Profitable Pay Per Click

In the hands of an expert campaign manager, AdWords is an easy way to deliver a stream of serious prospects directly to your company’s web site so they can learn more about your business and potentially do business with you. In the hands of an amateur, a Google AdWords campaign can be a steady, reliable waste of money. Resolve has a long history of Pay-Per-Click, or PPC campaign management and is happy to place our expertise at your service.

    On the surface, AdWords isn’t hard to understand. When a user enters a trigger keyword into a search engine such as Google, the AdWords service displays relevant advertisements highlighted with pastel yellow or pink boxes in a prominent location on the results page. AdWords also accesses browser history to display ads that may be relevant to the user during normal browsing. Despite their highly targeted nature, these ads are totally free to display. You are only charged for the views which result in direct traffic to your site by parties interested in doing business with a company like yours.

PPC is second nature to us at Resolve. We identify the most popular keywords and phrases that drive your target audience to your competitors, then we make them work in your favour with eye-catching ads featuring sharp copy. Our staff is certified in Google AdWords, and they have the experience and skill necessary to get the best rates on the most profitable keywords. We don’t charge commission for our PPC management services, so we can work to lower your advertising output instead of increase it for our own benefit. Resolve can ensure that every click you pay for delivers positive return on investment and keep your AdWords campaign running strong for as long as you need it.