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Social media presents your business with unprecedented opportunities for real customer engagement. With over 15 million daily users of sites such as Facebook and Twitter, social media represents the next big platform for promotional efforts. Resolve has years of experience creating customised business social media pages that make your company and those who support it the focus.

Resolve is a full-service social media marketing consultancy. We establish and build social media presences that inspire brand loyalty and keep your company on the minds of its customer base. We can also integrate your business web site with social media by adding “Like,” “Tweet,” and other buttons to your content for easy sharing. From content development to membership management to community interaction, Resolve keeps it all running smoothly so you have one less thing to worry about.

The Future Is Mobile

If you notice more people seem to be carrying mobile Internet devices such as smartphones and tablets, it’s no coincidence. Service providers and the government are investing billions in telecommunications infrastructure, so the move to mobile technologies is far from a fad. Expensive advertising campaigns and promotional efforts are being rendered useless because they are not optimised for mobile devices. Some Social Media Agencies stuck in the past may decry this evolution as the end of marketing as we know it, but we see it as only the beginning.

The mobile revolution is happening faster than ever, and establishing a presence on social media is the only way for a business to stay at the forefront of this shift. These small screens can serve as an open door into the daily lives of your consumers with the proper strategy. A strong social media presence can help you stay connected to your valued customers as they continue to move away from traditional media advertising sources.